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Frank Mc Comb isn’t exactly a whippersnapper, but still got his start some decades later than most of the players we’re celebrating here. After a brief dalliance with Motown and another few years with Columbia, Mc Comb looked to indie label Malibu Sessions for whom he cut The Truth, featuring none other than Billy Preston.Straight From the Vault saw Frank releasing through his own label, Boobescoot.

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He’s been known to play electric pianos, but has given most of his attention to the acoustic variety.

As a radio presenter, he hosted Legends of Jazz, which eventually became a 13-part television series.

He has also been known to fire up a Theremin and strap on an Ibanez.

His singular keyboard style is responsible for the band’s signature ‘Nintendo metal’ style. Bernie Worrell may be the single best keyboardist in all of funk. Yet another child prodigy, he was playing piano at age three, composing at age eight.

No one played the Mini in quite same way as Worrell.

His talents would also be tapped by a variety of new wave artists, including Talking Heads, with whom he can be seen in the film Stop Making Sense.

They sit at the back of the stage, skilfully going about their business while the posturing and preening plays out in front of them.

But now it’s time for the very best keyboardists in popular music history to step out from the shadows and take their turn in the Music Radar spotlight.

He attended Julliard and the New England Conservatory of Music before forming Parliment-Funkadelic with George Clinton, with whom he played piano, synths and organ, as well as co-composing some of the group’s most influential material.

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