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They clutch their Peace brand cigarettes, letting the smoke pour out their mouths, suggesting to anyone who takes a second look that they're just normal, average Japanese teenagers. She has hungry, greedy eyes that never blink but gulp it all in. Observe how she unfastens her wallet and how her fingertips pass over the bills. Together, they disappear into the white Honda that, during the day drives toddlers to daycare. Since both girls have working parents, who are overloaded with jobs and caring for their own ageing parents, nobody checks out the story. Now, let's turn to Monday morning and peek at the girls. Do you think that Yumi and Mariko will be sneaky-chain-smoking never-on-time glue-sniffing students? This time, look beyond the midnight neon light, beyond the expensive name brands clothes, beyond that reckless jump into an unknown car.

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And their mothers, you're wondering, where are they? You will see what I see everyday of the week; Mariko and Yumi, together as always, dressed in their issued blue skirts, white shirts with maroon ribbons at the neck and blue jackets.

On their feet are track shoes with an orange stripe, representing that they are in their last year of high school.

Mariko and Yumi, in a sense, are like the typical Japanese teenagers that I have come to love. The only rule the girls break is that they have cell phones hidden in their book bags.

They are filled with controversies on the inside - worried about college placement, boyfriends, club activities, new videos, print club, fashion, and independence. Tiny, not even the size of a face powder compact their grandmothers used at the same age, these cell phone make them distinctive, catapult them into adventure and make possible their new, money-making pastime.

When you get to know Yumi and Mariko, talk with them, joke over soba, you can't figure out what is more alarming; their late night pay outs or the way they can switch back to their ordinary lives.

In a strange way that only adolescents can feel, these girls care what their mothers think.

The girls operate pagers, cell phones, and computers to arrange "encounters" with older and often married men. Since most Japanese own one, a teenage girl walking around with one attached to her ear does not attract attention. "Can I ask you something personal," I start, crossing my fingers behind my back, "Are you expected to have sex with the dates, you know, the men? "Girls never kiss and tell," Yumi giggles and swings a new Gucci bag over her shoulder.

Cell phones have the added bonus of keeping the "dates" on low down, something that keeps enjokosai a side option for any teenage girl hoping to buy that highly sought after Gucci belt with matching boots. " Mariko and Yumi both roll their eyes at me and are silent for a minute. I can feel them slipping away and shutting down their confidences with me. During the early 1990's enjokosai was a hot topic with the media.

In Japan, teenage girls meet the callers in person. Still, there are many people who remain dedicated to exposing enjokosai, and who work to help young girls find a better way to buy name brands.

The number of Japanese telephone clubs multiplies each year, and the amount of people who use telephone clubs for sexual relations increases at a similar pace. Mamoru Fukutomi, a psychology professor at Tokyo Gakugei University, is one of the leaders in getting to the marrow of this phenomenon.

They listen to them, help with their younger siblings.

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