Dating indian locals in durban

Originating in the Durban Indian community with its roots dating back to the original migrant workers - this dish is traditionally quite spicy and is definitely best eaten with your hands!

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If you can manage to open your eyes while experiencing this intense rush, you'll get a chance to marvel at the unique architecture of this iconic World Cup soccer stadium.

For a toned down version take the sky-car to the top of the stadium or walk across the arch. Just 20 minutes outside of Durban, this aptly named area of stunning cliffs and valleys has been home to the Zulu people for centuries.

Street Scene's Township Tour Durban city tours with a twist.

Durban's has a fascinating history and even a classic city tour will be interesting, but instead I would opt for a tour with Street Scene a local tour company that employees local 'Durbanites' as tour guides.

In addition to being next to a skate park, they have playground for kids and tables with great views of the ocean.

Eat a traditional Bunny Chow or 'bunny.' This fast food dish consists of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry.Street Scene's Sani Pass Tour Mount Moreland Barn Swallows.Between October and April (but best in November and March) up to 3 million Barn Swallows can be seen every evening over Mt.Go on a high altitude adventure to The Kingdom of the Sky, Lesotho.You'll stop at the Highest Pub in Africa for a drink and a hearty meal, and spend some time in a rural Basotho village.It's a hive of activity on weekends with locals jogging, walking dogs, cycling, riding skateboards or roller-blading and a choice of cafes make for convenient refreshment stops along the way.

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