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Last but not least, a word about finishes: it is important to know that the color of the guitar is NOT part of the model number.For example the ARZ300 is available in black (ARZ300 BK) and white (ARZ300 WH) but since they both are the same model fundamentally, they share the same model name.

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These include: The specific model number, usually 3 or 4 digits, defines the model and its place within the series.

There is a certain system for the model numbers, but it suffers from all kinds of exceptions. For the S series (including derivatives), it has been fully implemented since 2001, although it already has been used for some models introduced since 1987.

In some cases characters are added to the beginning of the model number before the series code.

Some cases where this occurs include: In some cases Ibanez produces spot models which are for sale exclusively by particular retailers in Japan.

Not guitars I deal with so details I don't particularly concern myself with I noticed this right away on my RFR.

My original guess was that the headstock and the neck joint plate number were supposed to be the same, but someone dumped the bag o' heel joint plates all over the factory floor and got them out of order.

A model number could look like this: RG3520Z where RG is the code for RG series, the specific model number is 3520 and the suffix is Z.

Sometimes, for instance in catalogs, the abbreviation defining the model finish is included to the model number, so you would get RG3520Z HBK or even RG3520ZHBK (without the space).

These models are identified by a prefix on the model number exclusive to each retailer.

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