Dating gold artifacts Sex video cam sites

The electrical current should be on before immersion of the artifact.

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Dating gold artifacts

Please use the information below at your own discretion.

BRASS and BRONZE shipwreck artifacts Both brass and bronze hold up very well in salt water.

This will usually leach out any chlorides and prevent the object from later turning green.

To actually clean the object, several methods can be used.

Now connect the negative wire to the artifact and place it in the still empty tank.

The anode should not be in contact with the artifact.

I have listed below some cleaning and preservation methods for different materials.

Some of these methods are nonscientific and have been learned through my own as well as others experiences.

A final polishing with a fine brass wire wheel or even by hand with a brillo pad will make the brass shine.

As a final stage to any of the above listed methods, I suggest coating the polished brass with a clear poly-urethane spray, which helps to prevent the shine from dulling.

Brass Polishing Service artifacts Pottery , porcelain and china are all included in this category.

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