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This year the European Championships are taking place in Sochi, a city, which has become one of the recognized sports centres not only in Russia, but also on a global scale.

I am confident that organizers’ experience will enable them to hold one of the major European fencing events at the highest level, while spectators and fans will go into the atmosphere of uncompromising but fair struggle for the titles of the strongest fencers in Europe.

I hope that this event will be a good starting point for many of its participants in their sport career.

Russia has a great experience in hosting major fencing tournaments and I am, therefore, confident that the European Championships in Sochi will be organized at the high level and become a real sport festival.

I am confident that we will see many enthralling fencing bouts and fully enjoy the atmosphere of such a wonderful sport as fencing.

I wish all the fencers best of luck and good support from spectators!

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On behalf of the European Fencing Confederation I am pleased to welcome the participants and guests of the European Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships. It is at such tournaments that new names are discovered and new sports stars rise – future challengers of the present-day leaders. European fencing traditions are among the strongest globally; the level and skills of the European fencers provide their deserved leadership in the World of fencing.

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