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She had a panic attack and had to get out of the exam room. For now, though, David can only wait for the outcome of the DPP’s inquiry.

Furious that the police were not pressing charges against Eleanor for perverting the course of justice or making a false allegation of rape, he spent £200,000 hiring a team to bring his private prosecution in an attempt to clear his name.‘There was a friend she’d had since Durham.

He said to her: “Let’s meet up and see if there’s scope for this being more than just a friendship.” She did and it blossomed and was lovely.

David sat in the public waiting area while his daughter was interviewed at Chelsea police station and travelled with her in an unmarked car to the Sapphire Unit, which deals with sexually violent offences, in Fulham.

The team at Sapphire didn’t seem to him to have any doubts about the truth of what she was alleging, but said it was impossible to proceed because they feared inconsistencies in her version of events would be exposed in court.

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There’s no denying that heartbreak is part of the deal, as it is with any relationship--marital, friendly, and even divine. No relationship comes with a guarantee, not even a godly one.

A broken heart is not an indication that God is punishing us; it is the very human experience of knowing that we have loved, an experience foundational to spiritual growth, one that can lead to a deepening relationship with the divine, and a growing understanding within ourselves of what it means to love another.

We would do well to take the advice of that fourteenth century Sufi poet, and bask in the idea that at least for the night, we've been tagged as "It." We are free to learn, share, and grow, whether it lasts the evening, or a lifetime.

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