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They were the cries of his much-loved daughter Eleanor screaming for him from her bedroom. Eleanor — or Ellie as she was known to her family and friends — was an exceptionally bright young woman with ten A*s and three As at GCSE, who’d won a scholarship for the sixth form at London’s exclusive Putney High School, before going on to read geography at Durham University.

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It was made against five suspects - only three of whom made it to trial - after three years of failed police investigations.

Someone with interests similar to mine, smart, sensitive, willing to commit and connect in a deep level: body, mind, heart and soul.

There has been a growing trend towards private prosecutions in the past few years, raising concerns about a divided justice system, which could only allow private companies or wealthy individuals to seek justice.

The most high-profile private prosecution was by the family of Stephen Lawrence in 1996.

Furious that the police were not pressing charges against Eleanor for perverting the course of justice or making a false allegation of rape, he spent £200,000 hiring a team to bring his private prosecution in an attempt to clear his name.‘There was a friend she’d had since Durham.

He said to her: “Let’s meet up and see if there’s scope for this being more than just a friendship.” She did and it blossomed and was lovely.

She had a panic attack and had to get out of the exam room. For now, though, David can only wait for the outcome of the DPP’s inquiry.

‘I just want everything surrounding Eleanor’s death regarding the CPS to be heard in a proper and open manner,’ he says.

She was the happiest I have seen her in years before that email arrived.

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