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Place in boiler of cold water sufficiently full to cover it. Then let it boil slowly or simmer one half hour to every pound of ham.

Lemongrass: Bathing in water infused with lemongrass bath salts revitalises the body and relieves symptoms of jetlag, clears headache, and busts stress.

How to pick your bath salt Always ensure the bath salt is crystalline not lumpy, and contain all natural ingredients and nutrients.

To date a Teich postcard, look for the number and letter preceding the card’s stock number on the lower-front of the card or running vertically in the center of its back.

An “A” identifies cards printed in the 1930s, “B” is for the 1940s, and “C” denotes the 1950s, which means that a cards beginning with “8A” was printed in 1938, “5B” in 1945, “0C” in 1950, and so on.

Available on the market in a rainbow of colours, choosing the right bath salt can be quite a task for a novice.

In 1973, New Jersey's favorite son, Bruce Springsteen, used a linen Tichnor postcard (although with a more generic, and boring, background) for the cover of his first album, making it the most recognized large-letter postcard out there.

According to postcard lore, the 1942 cards were not good sellers, and so the retailer who ended up with boxes of them eventually threw them in a dumpster, creating instant scarcity.

Curt Teich is in a class all its own, employing three distinct printing techniques—the five-color Colortones, which account for 90 percent of all Curt Teich large-letter postcards; four-color American Art cards printed from 1940 to 1955; and the five-color Photo-Colorit process, which was used on only five deckled-edge postcards printed between 19.

Have your carving knife very sharp and cut in thin slices. PRIME RIB OF BEEF AU JUS, YORKSHIRE PUDDING Roast a trimmed seven ribs of beef, weighing about 38 lbs., in a moderate oven for 2-1/2 hours.

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