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Since its publication, Tenney and Hilbert’s book has become a must-have among postcard dealers and collectors alike, although sharing so much factual information about large-letter postcards with the rest of the collecting world has had its drawbacks.Gone, for example, are the days when Tenney could pick up large-letter postcards for a dime, and these days when Hilbert buys cards by the lot, as he still occasionally does, the chances that it’ll contain a rare gem are low.Lemongrass: Bathing in water infused with lemongrass bath salts revitalises the body and relieves symptoms of jetlag, clears headache, and busts stress.

Have your carving knife very sharp and cut in thin slices. PRIME RIB OF BEEF AU JUS, YORKSHIRE PUDDING Roast a trimmed seven ribs of beef, weighing about 38 lbs., in a moderate oven for 2-1/2 hours.

Remove grease from roast pan, dilute with good stock, broth or bouillon. Prepare YORKSHIRE PUDDING by mixing one cup milk and one cup flour. Two beaten eggs, one-half cup chopped beef suet, and one-half teaspoon baking powder.

Also included are several examples of how large-letter postcards were created, from the card’s initial sketch to its final design, courtesy of materials loaned to the authors by the Curt Teich Postcard Archives.

While Tenney freely admits that he got into large-letters because he noticed there were a lot of them available for a dime when he was sure he could sell them for a buck, Hilbert is a serious collector, owning, by his estimation, some 6,000 to 7,000 postcards of various types, including the duplicates.

Since 2009, the primary resource for fans of this popular postcard genre has been “Large Letter Postcards: The Definitive Guide, 1930s to 1950s,” written by Fred Tenney and Kevin Hilbert.

Published by Schiffer, “Large Letter Postcards” features more than 2,200 examples, from several dozen versions of Atlantic City cards (Curt Teich’s first linen large-letter) to cards for Coney Island, Niagara Falls, and Death Valley.During the writing and publication of Appetite for America, we uncovered hundreds of never-before-published recipes by Fred Harvey chefs, some dating back to the 1880s. Here are a few “new” holiday favorites, directly from old Fred Harvey company cookbooks. DIRECTIONS FOR COOKING THE CELEBRATED VIRGINIA HAM Soak the ham in cold water the night before cooking then wash thoroughly with cold or tepid water. "Phostint" card; Specifies one cent postage United States and Canada; Foreign two cents. The Alvarado and the Depot are shown facing west across the tracks. The Sandia Mountains are incorrectly shown in the background.) The Fred Harvey Hotel at Albuquerque was named after Hernandez de Alvarado, a captain of artillery in Coronado's famous expedition. Place in boiler of cold water sufficiently full to cover it.

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