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," split from her husband of 21 years, David Allen Mullen. When the self-described “young and naïve” Mullen accepted the ministry leader’s marriage proposal on the first date, she never imagined she would be beaten, kicked, verbally abused, dragged out of bed by the heels of her feet and suffer through more than 100 incidents of violence. Love does not kick.” After getting the courage to leave the relationship, later, the global artist started fresh, marrying former Blues Pop/ CCM singer-songwriter, David, in 1993. “Guess this is my #valentines date,” wrote her ex on Instagram Feb. “Hello from Henry,” he said, including hash tags, “#itsadogslife,” “#thatslove,” and “#meh.” No reason for their divorce has been given.This explains why her appearance with the nationally syndicated host of "The Donnie Mc Clurkin Show" sparked reactions ranging from excitement and shock, to confusion. “Throughout it all, I knew that’s not what love was, because it didn’t meet the standard of what the Bible said love is. Whatever happened, it appears that Mullen is ready to start a new chapter in her life, perhaps by the side of Mc Clurkin, who has never been married.

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"The only thing that's missing out of everything that I'm doing locally, cross country and globally is that aspect that makes family, family — is that wife that would make a man whole, that essence, that element that brings favor to man."After he was pressed by Matt to make his own announcement or reveal to the audience the name of the woman he's in love with, Mc Clurkin said: "I've fallen in love with a wonderful young woman by the name of Nicole C.

Mullen." He later repeated Matt's frequent announcement on the show, saying: "Donnie Mc Clurkin's getting married."Matt added that while he was in the green room talking to A. Bernard about his book, , Donnie shared that he's getting married.

One of the most eligible Christian bachelors shared a photograph posing with his “date”—Christian singer Nicole C. ” wrote the 56-year-old on Instagram next to a photo—which has since been removed—of him posing with the 49-year-old GRAMMY® and Dove Award-winning “My Redeemer Lives” vocalist.

EEW Magazine reached out to both camps, but neither immediately responded to a request for comment on whether they are romantically involved.

Everything she does, she does with everything that’s in her. We’re going to praise God and we’re going to thank God for the gift of Yolanda Adams.

But to host and honor Yolanda -- who is such a concentrated focus, hard worker -- is an honor.

The live stream will kick off at 2pm (CST) Sunday, July 6 and feature performances from Erica Campbell, Kim Burrell, Michelle Williams, Jonathan Mc Reynolds, Kierra Sheard and much more.

It's more of an honor because nobody is a greater support of the Gospel music industry than I am. I want to push what’s happening in the music industry to make Gospel music greater than it was before. Yolanda and I have been friends for almost 30 years and I tried to date her once. I’m just very happy to take this time to honor her and join different artists to do so. Don't miss Donnie Mc Clurkin hosting this year's all star gospel tribute to longtime friend, Yolanda Adams.

He also emphasized that they are not engaged but plan to get married after first getting counseling, among other important steps, before jumping into a life-long commitment."I've fallen in love with Nicole and we're talking daily and any plans that we're making have not been officially established. I didn't propose to her officially and there have been no official statements made at all," he said.

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