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' are perfectly valid, but have a horrible knack of attracting responses from exactly the sort of people you're hoping to avoid.

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But do put photos up: profiles with photos get a lot more interest.

And put up a few: dressed up, dressed down, indoors, outdoors, formal, relaxed. You don't have to be amazing looking to present well: have a nice photo taken, wear fashionable clothes etc.

He said that he liked what I'd written because it was about what I enjoyed, rather than what I didn't want." Don't use photos from 10 years ago.

It's fine to put your best foot forwards, but remember that you will actually meet some of these people and they're going to notice if you look nothing like your pictures.

On the bright side, you might find that while people in the same age group as you aren't that plentiful, there's a greater probability that they're going to be proper grown-ups who don't want to play games; lots of them will have children of their own, and many will have had at least one long-term relationship.

"I'm 48, I can see through the bullshit that blinded me when I was younger, and I'm definitely calling the shots." Hard data shows that men tend to reach out to women who are younger than they are, so it's understandable that some women are tempted to lie about their age.

I would sort your photo out seriously before venturing online." "The best thing for me was no profile photo but stating that I would send one.

I got hardly any responses but the ones I did were sensible and I contacted several guys, sending them a picture with my first message.

It does not work that way, and if you have any notions of 'the guy should make the first move' then you really are putting yourself at a disadvantage." Safety and first-date location Dinner dates can really pile on the pressure: it's a high-stakes option that can result in an amazing four-hour conversation, or a toe-curling evening of awkward silence and loud chewing.

"Always make first dates a midweek drink or a weekend lunch; never go for a full dinner until you are sure you get on." "Only ever meet for coffee on a first date.

"Some of the best looking men I have met looked grim on their profile. " "Almost all of the men I've met are better looking than their pictures. they're also consistently shorter than they claim to be." That said, Mumsnet users have been known to have a bit of fun spotting men's photo cliches. Opinions differ: some women like to be with a partner who will take the first step; others can't be bothered with hanging around.

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