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After this false start he steadily got more involved and started getting more success from it.Since mid-2009 he has taken on a nomadic traveling lifestyle and visited over 50 countries.

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In 2005 he was struggling to come to terms with the girlfriend part of his life that he wasn't happy with and was currently single.

At the time Neil Strauss' The Game book came out, and when he read it he decided "this was something that I wanted in my life." From there he said he began reading more about pickup artistry, but didn't approach a girl for the first 3 months.

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This seminar originally filmed in Los Angeles was also recorded and put on DVD and was launched for a temporary limited number of additions later in 2013.

In August 2013 Mark announced that he was rebranding his company again, from Postmasculine, to just "Mark Manson".

This proved to be a successful move for Mark, and the traffic visiting his blog has increased sharply since this decision.

His reputation has also spread a lot more widely and he has appeared in articles on Forbes, the Huffington Post and a lot of other podcast and news media since.

Mark Manson started learning about pickup artistry in 2005 when Neil Strauss' The Game came out.

He originally became known as a pickup artist who went by the name of Entropy who started training men in the 2007.

More recently in 2013 he has settled temporarily in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his current girlfriend.

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