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Source: Shutter Stock Depression can make people say really nasty things that they don't actually mean.

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This is normal in any relationship, but when you're dating someone who's depressed, it's tough because it's so disappointing.

I would constantly do things just to make him happy and when it wouldn't work, I would feel like a failure. Of course you can try to cheer him up, but don't make your life revolve around that.

I’m not trying to play the victim here or act like I had it harder than he did and still does.

But honestly, having a depressed boyfriend (or even just a friend) is extremely difficult.

Dating someone who is that unhappy has a way of making you feel like you can never be good enough to make them feel better – and when all you want to do is make them feel better, that can be really tough to deal with.

I dated my ex for almost five years, so I know just how hard it is to deal with a depressed boyfriend.

Source: Shutter Stock Let your boyfriend know that you're there for him, but don't feel like that means you constantly have to give him life-changing advice.

A lot of times, there is no advice that can make a depressed person feel better - or that they even want to hear at all.

Source: Shutter Stock Like I said before, sometimes your boyfriend is just going to want to be alone and that's okay.

You shouldn't let him do whatever he wants, but if he needs the night to himself, let him have it.

My ex always asked for this, but I was insistent in the fact that I had to be with him because I was scared that he would hurt himself.

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