Dating audubon prints

This is the paper used for the Audubon Havell and Bein bird prints, which measure approximately 26 1/2 x 39 inches.

Only a few books have ever been produced on this scale, and thus Double Elephant Folio has become synonomous with Audubon’s great work.

A modern reproduction of an old print is not itself an antique.

The cut-off date of 1900 is not firmly fixed, however, and in many circumstances original prints made before World War II are also considered to be antiques.

Catalogue raisonné: A catalogue raisonné is a documentary listing of all the works by an artist which are known at the time of compilation.

Chine appliqué (chine collé) print: A chine appliqué or chine collé is a print in which the image is impressed onto a thin sheet of paper, originally China paper, which is backed by a stronger, thicker sheet.

The folio size would typically range from 13 x 10 inches to 16 x 12 inches.

There are no original Audubon prints in the folio size.

First edition prints are sometimes pre-dated by a proof edition.

Editions of a print should be distinguished from states of a print.

There are no original Audubon prints in the quarto size.

Folio refers to the size of a book or print that is 1/2 of a full sheet of paper, resulting from folding the paper once to form 2 leaves.

Edition: An edition of a print includes all the impressions published at the same time or as part of the same publishing event.

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