Dating ampeg b15

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I have a '90's V4BH that I will use on my 2x15 LGS cab, and find that for most situations it works just as good as my 450 watt 3-Pros.

The 3-Pro does have a little more clean headroom, but the V4BH is more than capable in given me enough clean thump with out being overdriven.

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An old V4B is going to sound pretty good through most cabs. Actually, some later V-series amps carried a label on the back panel which read "7027A/6550 - Use one type only". Having said that, there's something about those 7027s that just flat out Just got a message from the guy in England, the one who had the V4B for sale.

If the customer fails to do so or pulls out of an agreed deal after 1 month has elapsed from the date of the first payment, 10% of the agreed sale price is non refundable.Email or call for return authorization and instructions on where and how to ship the merchandise.The "S" is for solid state, as in the rectifier is SS. The S version also has a line out (post EQ) which I like to send to an API for times when the speaker adds too much flavor and a DI won't cut it. Creaky cabinets and other mystery vibrations, plus all the other fun stuff that goes with owning vintage tube amps. Not as mushy as the older ones...that the older ones are a bad thing...but, probably more versatile than the 60s versions. I have a B-15S and I can tell you they sound great.As for the cost, I didn't pay nearly that much for mine, but that was 10 years ago. It'd be nice to find it for cheaper, but a vintage tube head with cab for under a grand...a bad deal.Bad choice of words...that's why talking about sound is so tough. There is a diff and some like the old, some like the new. And before I got thrown off Talkbass, there was a huge thread debating this very thing.

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