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Babies and children age 2 and younger with sickle cell anemia should make frequent visits to a doctor.

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This painless test, which uses sound waves to measure blood flow, can be used on children as young as 2 years.

Regular blood transfusions can decrease stroke risk.

Your doctor will make sure your child receives all of the recommended childhood vaccinations.

Vaccinations, such as the pneumococcal vaccine and the annual flu shot, are also important for adults with sickle cell anemia.

Childhood vaccinations are important for preventing disease in all children.

They're even more important for children with sickle cell anemia because their infections can be severe.Healthy stem cells from the donor are injected intravenously into the bloodstream of the person with sickle cell anemia, where they migrate to the bone marrow and begin generating new blood cells. After the transplant, you'll receive drugs to help prevent rejection of the donated stem cells.Even so, your body might reject the transplant, leading to life-threatening complications.Doctors treat most complications of sickle cell anemia as they occur.Treatment might include antibiotics, vitamins, blood transfusions, pain-relieving medicines, other medications and possibly surgery, such as to correct vision problems or to remove a damaged spleen.If you or your child has sickle cell anemia, a blood test to check for a low red blood cell count (anemia) will be done.

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