dating site in spain chicos - Dating a plain girl

A pretty woman makes her husband look small, And very often causes his downfall.As soon as he marries her, then she starts, To do the things that will break his heart.When I was dating, I always wondered if I gave beautiful women the matter of the doubt.

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I spent a good portion of my twenties going out 2-3 times a week, and rarely sat on my ass on a Friday or Saturday night because I did not have a date."If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, Never make a pretty woman your wife.

So from my personal point of view, Get an ugly girl to marry you.

The plain girls were the ones to realize that I was just confident in myself and didn’t care about what everyone thought about me.

The pretty girls just wanted the boyfriend who their “friends” could be jealous of and so were always concerned about what everyone thought. I have never gone on dates on Fridays or any other day for that matter. To be serious, I don't know if this is true or not.Most of the guys I've found "physically attractive" have been very intelligent, and most of the guys I have not found to be "physically attractive" have been... Might just be me having a weird taste, we'll probably never know... It is logicl and probably for many absolutely true.But I think there are many, many exceptions to this rule.It's like language- the only thing one can really rely on is that there are always exceptions from grammatical rules... Sigh...)Honestly, this whole post sounds like something that is discussed in high school.BTW most beautiful women are quite plain looking without their makeup aka warpaint on.

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