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In 2003, the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services appointed Priya Ravichandran as a Divisional Fire Officer, making her one of the first female fire officers in the country, and the first one to win the Anna Medal for Bravery.

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The immediate problem of sleeping quarters and bathing areas had to be solved before women could participate fully in firefighting as an occupation and as a culture.

Communal showers and open bunk halls were designed for men only.

This continued until 1955 when they had all been replaced by men.

In the German Democratic Republic (GDR), women were extensively used in support roles, but not as front-line firefighters. Female professional firefighters now number about 550 (1.3%), with approximately 80,000 volunteers (7%).

During World War II, some women served as firefighters in the United States to replace male firefighters who joined the military; indeed, during part of the war, two fire departments in Illinois were all-female. Ruth Capello was born in 1922 and became fire chief of the Butte Falls fire department in Butte Falls, Oregon in 1973. Sandra Forcier, the first known paid female firefighter (excluding forest firefighting) in the U.

There were all-female fire companies in Kings County, California, and Woodbine, Texas, in the 1960s. S., began working in North Carolina in 1973 for Winston-Salem Fire Department; she was a Public Safety Officer, a combination of police officer and firefighter.Berkman was founder of the United Women Firefighters and also became the first openly gay person to be a professional firefighter.The first female head of a career fire department, Chief Rosemary Bliss in Tiburon, California, became fire chief in 1993..There have been occasional charges of some departments lowering standards so that they could hire more women.In 2005, Laura Chick (the LA City Controller) stated in a report that Fire Chief Bamattre lowered physical requirements for female recruits and ordered that women be passed even if they failed their tests.5., in San Francisco in 1863, and fought fires for some years after.

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