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At the turn of the 21st century studies were conducted to better understand romantic attachment.

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Perhaps not these very details, but enough to know what it is they have to do. In my life I have made efforts not to come across as an obsessive lover, but sometimes I just can’t help it…touche, oxytocin.

Recently, more and more men have attempted to go down on me at first kiss. All I’m saying, dear lads, is be careful what you wish for.

Although the two neuropeptides associated with continued attachment are secreted in both men and women, oxytocin and vasopressin have stronger influence on women .?

Well, it has been theorized that the difference in potency is likely due to the fact that females have longer orgasms than males, averaging two minutes in females and only a few seconds in males.

Though it’s often believed that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, the national divorce rate has actually been declining since its peak in the 70’s and 80’s.

As for why, many point to the corresponding drop in marriage rates and the increasing median age of those tying the knot for the first time.More specifically, orgasms reduce brain activity in the amygdala and hippocampus (the parts of the brain that are responsible for emotion), which in turn decrease alertness and anxiety.Some refer to this state as from my otherwise emotion-filled life.Sure it’s all brass balls in the beginning as men flash their feathers and relentlessly court until they get the object of their desire between the sheets.However, when the clothes come off and the emotions come out, those bold, confident men morph into frightened rabbits during a lightening storm.Despite this drop, the divorcee population still accounts for more than 10% of the adult population.

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