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When rescuers finally got into the bathroom two hours later, they found the billionaire dead, his body blackened with soot, his skin incinerated. Nearby was a cell phone, on which several calls had been made.Dead along with Safra was one of his eight nurses, Vivian Torrente, an American of Philippine origin.

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From the beginning, very few people believed that the story was as simple as that. At any moment during the catastrophe he might have saved himself, but he was reportedly so fearful of being murdered by the intruders he had been told were in his house that he refused to come out of the locked bathroom, in spite of the pleas of firemen and police.

He put wet towels along the bottom of the bathroom door, but to no avail.

Serdet released a statement to the press about Maher, saying that at the time of the fire he was highly agitated, “psychologically fragile and under the influence of medication.” Serdet concluded, “From this moment on we can exclude with certainty all [conjectures] of any international conspiracy.” Marc Bonnant, the lawyer for Safra’s widow, announced in magazine, “The fact that Maher is unstable became apparent to us only after the accident.” The damnation of Ted Maher, the low man on the nursing staff’s totem pole, had begun. Others whispered, “Palestinian terrorists.” Although the Safra name is little known to the public at large, it is very prominent in the worlds of international banking, philanthropy, and society.

In no time the case had been all tied up with a neat bow: the guilty party was in custody, and the principality of Monaco was safe again. Several financiers have described Safra to me as the most brilliant banker of his time.

Three days after Safra’s death, Daniel Serdet, the attorney general and chief prosecutor of Monaco, announced that a male nurse named Ted Maher, from Stormville, New York, had confessed to setting the blaze that killed his employer in order to win favor with the banker.

Serdet said that Maher had started a fire in a wastebasket in an effort to draw attention to himself. There were no hooded intruders, and the stab wounds in Maher’s abdomen and thigh were self-inflicted.

What's more, the exchange was already making the rounds before Rob Campbell's name became attached to it.

A well-known Craigslist prankster has also denied authoring the reply.

Separately, I was taught early in my career about efficient markets.

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