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Six sandal-shaped structures being referred to as the “Footprints of God,” unearthed in Israel, have been garnering a lot of attention lately.Despite the name, the structures are man-made rock formations found just to the east of the Jordan River, which some believe date to the time of Joshua the son of Nun and the entry of the ancient Hebrew children into the Promised Land, reports

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Professor Ralph Hawkins of Averett University believes the “Footprints” should be identified with the “Gilgal” sites mentioned several times in the Bible, which were gathering places for Israel.

He explains that “gilgal” simply means “circle [of stones].” As for the foot shape, researcher Adam Eliyahu Berkwotiz believes it traces to God’s promised to the Hebrews: (Deut. “Everywhere Israel left a footprint that was to be their land,” Berkowitz writes.

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