Cyrano dating agency 2016

Moo Jin is building something and A Rang asks him to take a break from it tonight, he keeps thinking back to what Min Young noona said about how they are all broken cans at love.

Librarian leaves work and goes to feed her stray cats, which is when she notices Mommy Cat laying sick on the ground.

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The drama deftly weaves the missions in with character behavior that reveal their personalities little by little, allowing us time to slowly get to know the denizens of the Agency along with one very mysterious Chef.

So far the humor is low key and the romance is on the backburner for all the main leads.

Suddenly the two loan sharks arrive and call Seung Pyo “hyung” (Big Brother), clearly they work for him. Min Young is back at HQ with the team and tries to find out from A Rang or Moo Jin what the next step is.

Moo Jin ignores her and Byung Hoon mentions their “little chicken” strategy will work – save a little chicken and it leads to curiosity about how it survived for so long.

She grabs the cat and books it into a taxi for the nearest pet hospital.

Seung Pyo and Min Young happen to drive past the public library and Min Young notices this incident and realizes that Librarian may accidentally meet Vet as his real self. It’s not groundbreaking or even all that original (which is hardly a knock against it since it’s adapted from the same-name movie from 2010), but it has a firm grasp on both the comedy and the romance in equal measures.Everything about it feels constructed for this very drama, yet it doesn’t bug me because it’s got an easygoing charm that doesn’t try too hard.But leading lady Min Young speaks to and for all the romantics in us, and she does so with this youthful naïveté that is clearly setting herself up for some hard lessons going forward.I don’t think either her approach or Byung Hoon’s point of view is right or wrong, in love both the constructed persona and the real heart all play a part in determining whether there is the initial attraction followed by the inner workings to go from lust to love.By the time Librarian rushes into the treatment room, the vet who turns around is none other than Byung Hoon, with Moo Jin hiding around the corner and Vet lurking outside.

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