Cyber sex chat engine

The chat engine might also employ lines harvested from human-human chat logs, song lyrics, movies or TV shows.

Cyber sex chat engine-9

") by the virtual boyfriend not being understood by the human user because the user's exposure to popular culture is not as broad as the virtual boyfriend's exposure to popular culture.

It is also possible that the human user knows who the Twinnies are but is embarrassed to admit to knowing who they are.]Boyfriend Maker's virtual boyfriend: In my tummy [The virtual boyfriend recovers from the awkward situation by making a joke: He ate them.

It is also possible that the use of this line is an example of bot humor.

The virtual boyfriend's "biology" also appears to exhibit a degree of sexual plasticity.

Other content such as clothing and adornments for the virtual boyfriend can also be purchased.

The boyfriend can also be given a different facial appearance.

To continue interacting with the virtual boyfriend, a user must provide energy.

Energy can be obtained by posting a photo on Boyfriend Maker's Facebook page, or it can be purchased.

The boyfriend usually deals well with minor typographical errors but sometimes assumes a misspelling when a word is spelled correctly by the human user.

On some occasions, the boyfriend's grammar is awkward, even by chat standards.

At times, the virtual boyfriend's statements suggest an awareness of being a robot.

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