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(CBS) Most of us carry a cell phone to stay in touch.

Let's just hope that Wise—who allegedly stalked women her ex dated—and the Tinz don't clash over any Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds were going through a rough patch, you can stop stressing.

One of the issues is whether Ali realized what she was doing was unlawful and the answer to that is clearly she did not.” Celebrities have also been tempted by Spoof Card; one case involved Lindsay Lohan.

“I think anything can be used maliciously, but it’s all in the hands of the user.” Wise faces up to four years in prison for felony computer trespassing and eavesdropping.“A few years back, Paris Hilton was using our technology to access a whole bunch of Hollywood celebrity’s voicemail, including Lindsay Lohan, and we had to terminate her account for misusing it,” said Meir Cohen, who makes Spoof Cards.

But since that post first launched over four years ago, we’ve seen rumors of “Krashlyn” across the intrawebs.

It’s been sort of an elephant-in-the-room situation on the internet.

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