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Life can be full of surprises as well as hide several hurdles for us to overcome, but there should be someone who will share with us all the moments of happiness and be a wall to rely on in the times of trouble.

Find your New Zealand love with a little of our help.

– Business communication is quite direct in Canada; there will be no need for you to decipher and read into messages.

– Note that a great importance is given to respecting everyone's opinions.

Regardless of rank and status, people expect the right to be heard and listened to.

– Your business card should have both French and English translations.

– Traditionally, business gifts are offered after you close a deal.

– Note that you should not wear any scent (perfume, strong after-shaves or hairsprays) at all!

It can be a threat to people with asthma or allergies, which are common with Canadians.– The usual distance between two people should be two feet.French Canadians, however, tend to stand slightly closer.– Popular topics include sports - hockey, football, baseball, basketball, golf, and tennis.Generally, Canadians tend to be self-confident and open to discuss general topics.– Try to avoid topics on conflicts between French and English Canada.

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