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The Consolidated Screening List (CSL) is a list of parties for which the United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, reexports or transfers of items.Below, under “Tools” are links to the CSL search engine, downloadable CSL files, and the CSL Application Programming Interface (API), all consisting of the consolidation of multiple export screening lists of the Departments of Commerce, State and the Treasury.

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Department of State – Bureau of International Security and Non-proliferation Nonproliferation Sanctions - Parties that have been sanctioned under various statutes.

The linked webpage is updated as appropriate, but the Federal Register is the only official and complete listing of nonproliferation sanctions determinations. persons or within the United States involving Foreign Sanctions Evaders (FSEs) are prohibited.

There may be a strict export prohibition, requirement for seeking a license application, evaluation of the end-use or user to ensure it does not result in an activity prohibited by any U. The links below, under “Sources” will connect you to the specific webpage where additional information about how to use each specific list is contained.

These links are also embedded into the CSL search engine, and CSL downloadable files in the column “source_information_url” for each listed entity to direct you to the proper website for information about how to resolve the issue.

These tools may be used as an aid to industry in conducting electronic screens of potential parties to regulated transactions.

In the event that a company, entity or person on the list appears to match a party potentially involved in your export transaction, additional due diligence should be conducted before proceeding. Prior to taking further action, the user must check the official publication of restricted parties in the Federal Register or the official lists of restricted parties maintained on the web sites of the Departments of Commerce, State and the Treasury to ensure full compliance with all of the terms and conditions of the restrictions placed on the parties on this list.

You'll also need to ask to temporarily disable privacy protection.

It's worth remembering for newly registered or recently transferred names, there is a 60 day waiting period before you can initiate a transfer.

Updates All the tools are updated automatically every day at AM EST/EDT.

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