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(0 members and 2 guests) Posting Permissions All times are GMT 9. A trick to learn what reference to use is: This is what you need in the macro. also a very easy for newbies to learn how to insert formula in VBA form is by "recording the macro". This tutorial teaches you how to enter a single formula into one cell as well as how to enter a formula into many cells and ranges of cells at once. And you don’t have to be a programmer or know Visual Basic Applications (VBA) to write one.

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JD Sartain Record macros using Relative Cell addresses.

For Absolute reference macros, always begin in the Home position (cell A1)—with your cursor and your data.

Also, if you combine all the tasks into one long macro and it fails, it takes forever to locate the point of failure.

If you run each macro separately, you can quickly review the results and verify accuracy. In the April Report example, you wouldn't combine the calculation macro with the format macro.

After the first letter, you can use more letters, numbers, or the underscore character, but the maximum length is 80 characters.

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