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This will turn up all the dupes: Windows won't let you have two files in the same directory with the same name. This is best for files obtained online, which have often been renamed.

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Try to develop the discipline of editing your video files soon after taking them, then immediately burn them to DVD.

Purge your music collection of duplicate song files.

Should your C: drive, in which Windows places My Documents, fill up too quickly, you can move My Documents to another drive by right-clicking on My Documents, selecting Properties, and then entering a new target and clicking on Move. Purge your digital photo archives of unneeded shots. With higher-end cameras, they can take up several megabytes each.

The easiest way to purge them is with a thumbnail viewer; Windows Explorer can act as a primitive one.

After a short wait, your i Tunes tracks will start to appear in the Kies library.

Select the music you'd like to copy to your phone by ticking the boxes next to each track.

If you really don't want to part with them, off-load them to a recordable CD or DVD.

Purge your digital video clips of bad shots and editing culls.

If you get your MP3s from various sources, you no doubt have duplicate tracks, especially if you don't use a database to manage your music.

The problem stems from a lack of filename conventions.

Digital video files are huge, and raw dumps from a DV recorder contain much useless footage.

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