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They do this by looking at credit scores, and by calculating how much of your monthly income is available to pay off your debts.

If your credit and income are not high enough, you’ll have a hard time getting approved, and if you approved you might pay higher interest rates (which doesn’t improve your situation much).

You might end up hurting your credit or spending more money than you would if you just paid off your cards.

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For most consolidation loans, your credit is important.

Lenders will evaluate whether or not you’re likely to repay a loan.

Knowing how much of your income is already obligated toward bills can help you to figure out how much is available for credit card consolidation.

Learn how to save more with budgeting tips and techniques here.

First, you must know just how much credit card debt you actually have.

Gather all of your credit card statements and add up exactly how much you owe.Although the interest rate on a HEL is usually higher than that of a first mortgage, it is also usually far less than a credit card.Instead of making payments to each of your credit card companies each month, you make just one payment on the home equity loan.Find two sums: your total debt load and your total estimated monthly payments.Once you know your total loan balance and your total monthly payments use our debt consolidation calculator to determine if consolidating credit card debt can save you money.Then, run some numbers on your new consolidation loan to see how it compares: how much will you save on interest, and will your savings be eaten up by fees?

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