Web xxx cam 4 cam canada - Computer froze when updating bios

The laptop start, power light indicator and plugged power light indicator are on, as allways.

cd drive make tipical sound spining, and the cooler also run, as always, but screen is black.

computer froze when updating bios-83

Are there known issues with Win 10 and BIOS updates?

Now I'm afraid to do the update on my Microsoft Surface.

Hello, I was updating some drivers via HP Support Assistant, and BIOS update got stuck as shown on picture below.

I was hoping that someone will be able to direct me what to do next.

- the Boot Block portion of the bios code must be still there on the flash chip - that part of the bios code is usually NOT replaced when you flash the bios by default because it doesn't need to be replaced.- you must use the specific recovery or new flash procedure for the brand of bios it has - one of Phoenix, Award, AMI, etc.- and use the RIGHT version of the flash utility........ Is that exactly the brand and version of flash utility you saw the screens for ?

"Maybe i can recover the old bios stored at HDD becouse the program says that a back up was done fine."When you can't boot the computer, the only way you can get that bios backup file is by removing the hard drive and connecting it one way or another to a working computer, but don't boot from it on the other computer (Windows will not fully load fromyour drive if the other mboard is more than a little different).

I see from your screenshot that your current bios revision is F.1A - there are 2 later revions listed for your notebook.

HP Bios updates are cumulative, so if you do wish to update, the latest version will contain all the fixes/enhancements offered by previous versions - the latest revision listed is Here.

or soms intructions on what to help its appreciate, thanks Too late now, but.... It's the riskiest thing you can do with a computer !

Never flash your bios when you're not sure whether your computer, or your hard drive and operating system if you're flashing in Windows, is working properly ! The only legitimate reason to flash the bios in most cases is to add support for recognizing a type of cpu that you want to install in the future that your present bios version can't recognize, unless you find specific info in release notes for a bios version newer than your mboard has that it will fix a problem you're having !

You could look here or on similar web sites for trouble shooting info: for your reply, finally i do a power off becouse nothing happens.

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