Cocky and funny dating Chat rooms for older adults

Bought this one after the double your dating ebook because one my problems was, I was a bit boring in conversations.At least I asked a girlfriend of mine for her honest feedback and that's what she said, and I think she was right. I've practiced this style of banter and integrated it into my own Mystery Method style, because I never was comfortable doing negs etc, so I replace it with Cocky & Funny, with good results.26 had some cool tips, although, depending on your personality some of it will seem inconguent. He said some funny things but did not do much in the way of technique. The last speaker (I don't remember his name) was the best one as far as it relates to cocky comedy. This product makes you funny and builds a sense of humor which definitely helps in your everyday life.

I wasn’t being cocky funny for the fun of it, I was doing it to get a reaction from the girl. Women can sense when a guy is trying to get something from them, they can smell an agenda like a shark can smell blood.

So, when you try to use cocky funny as a method of impressing a girl, it doesn’t work, its off-putting.

Cocky Funny- good explanation of humor and social effects.

” and of course, he eventually invented the “choke opener,” before becoming the most hated man in the world.

Being cocky funny is a powerful technique, but it’s not for everyone, and when executed poorly, it’s counterproductive I’ve seen plenty of Julien fanboys try to be provocative only to come across as awkward and antagonistic.

Below is a text example of what attempting to be cocky funny looks like when done wrong: As you can see, trying to be cocky funny can backfire.Just being cocky can come across as offensive and even antagonistic. ”Of course, this came across as combative, it hurt my interactions more than helping them. Guys make it because they don’t understand the subtleties of cocky and funny.I remember when I learned about the concept of cocky funny I insulted girls in an attempt to attract them. You’re not being cocky to show off how cool you are, Cocky funny isn’t about being arrogant, it’s actually the opposite.They gave funny lines to give in various situations you may find yourself in but this did not teach you how to be funny. Like I said earlier, this program is okay, it is really good if you are a total newbie but if you have more experience then you will probably think this is a total waste of time and money. I thought it would have a formula like do this and do that and it will be CF but it's not broken down like that. I definitely need the help and practice cause I just come off like a dick. If you read the chapter on cocky comedy in Attraction Isn't A Choice and practice writing funny negs then you probably don't need this. It just has to be the right thing and moment I guess. I think the general tips given here can be safety and effectively incorporated into any style of i've seen it. It's OK overall, but whether it is worth the money is open for debate. If you're looking to become a comedic version of Mystery, this will not get you there.

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