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"The "historical Jesus" reconstructed by New Testament scholars is always a reflection of the individual scholars who reconstruct him.Albert Schweitzer was perhaps the single exception, and he made it painfully clear that previous questers for the historical Jesus had merely drawn self-portraits.

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[...] John Frum, if he existed at all, did so within living memory.

Yet, even for so recent a possibility, it is not certain whether he lived at all. Paul states that he personally got his information through revelation rather than through physical contact, The short version of it all, essentially: all the evidence in the world (thus far amassed) hoping to lend plausible confirmation (or, at times, even general support) to the case for a historical Jesus leaves much to be desired.

This article concerns the evidence put forward in favor of the suggestion that Jesus actually once existed as as a real-life, flesh-and-blood human being.

For the debate on whether there likely was one single founder of Christianity, or if the early church just rallied around the myth of such a man, see our article on Jesus myth theory.

All unconsciously used the historical Jesus as a ventriloquist dummy.

Jesus must have taught the truth, and their own beliefs must have been true, so Jesus must have taught those beliefs."What one Jesus reconstruction leaves aside, the next one takes up and makes its cornerstone.

Unlike the cult of Jesus, the origins of which are not reliably attested, we can see the whole course of events laid out before our eyes (and even here, as we shall see, some details are now lost).

It is fascinating to guess that the cult of Christianity almost certainly began in very much the same way, and spread initially at the same high speed.

But he cannot very well have been all of them at the same time.

My point here is simply that, even if there was a historical Jesus lying back of the gospel Christ, he can never be recovered.

As a result nearly all presentations of evidence gravitate to the Triumphalist end of the spectrum: "Either side of the historicity debate will at times engage in a fallacy here, citing evidence supporting the reductive theory in defense of the triumphalist theory (as if that was valid), or citing the absurdity of the triumphalist theory as refuting the reductive theory (as if that were valid)".

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