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So make sure your dating profile is up to scratch and it's ready for the increased activity! You have something that couples just don't have - freedom! Get yourself out there and make the effort as you never know how many gorgeous singles might be there too. In fact, you can get a date almost instantly by using an app on your phone, such as Tinder.

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This makes your eyes dilate so they appear bigger which is a sign of attractiveness.

Keep darting your eyes to their lips and they'll subconsciously get the message.

7) If you have just started to see someone then present buying can be quite stressful.

It can be easy to spend too much to try to impress him or frustrating knowing what he might want.

The time of the year again, when the men open their hearts and wallets to prove their love to their wives and show how they really came.

Hey, if you like it or not, a law that a high credit card speaks louder than words.

So have a quick chat in advance and agree a budget so you both are on the same page about what's appropriate.

8) If you want someone to kiss you, think about this happening while you speak to them.

Christmas is almost here and it's a wonderful time to be single.

That's because you have more chances to meet someone amazing than any other time of the year… Here are relationship expert James Preece's top tips for making sure you end the year with more dates than you ever imagined.

9) Office parties are fantastic opportunities to meet someone.

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