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Some think a few of the "alternates" sound too close to official tracks. 1971 to '72 - A Crash Course For The Ravers [Gold Standard] Live performances BBC sessions and Spiders from Mars show in '721971 to '72 - Wild-Eyed Boy [Retropop] Live in London1970 to 1972 - White Light White Heat [Swingin' Pig] BBC sessions David Bowie - Kingston Poly 1972 [no label 1CD] live at Kingston Polytechnic, England, May 6 1972. David Bowie - Hemel Hempstead 1972 REMASTER VERSION (no label 2CD dime 512172) live at Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead, UK, May 07, 1972. DATA FILE ONLY No to MP3 May 72 to Jan 1973 - The Legendary Lost Tapes [no label] Bowie, Mott the Hoople & Lou Reed session May '72 11 tracks live Jan 5 1973 at Green's Playhouse, Glasgow David Bowie - Music Hall Memories [The Maloney Joe Archives 1CD] live at Boston Music Hall, Oct 1 1972. Now officially released David Bowie - Preston 1973 (no label 1CD mindwarp 3470) live at Guild Hall, Preston, England, Jan 9, 1973. CD 2 track 5 onwards live at Kingston Polytechnic, London, May 6 1972. This is taken from an old vinyl bootleg and reissued in Japan as a CD-R? The trader claims this is likely a soundboard but if it is, it's not of the excellent variety. David Bowie - Suicide Attack [Zeus 1CD] live at Shibuya, Kokaido, Tokyo Japan, Apr 20 1973. Ex- AUD David Bowie - A Cat From London [no label 1CD] live at Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Apr 20 1973. 1977-78 (1CDR) Bee Gees - The Spirit of '79 [no label 2CD] live in Austin, Texas, June 29, 1979. The Stone & Wax version is properly labelled and all the tracks are alternates. Lineup: David Bowie - vocals, guitar, harmonica; Mick Ronson - guitar, vocals; Trevor Bolder - bass; Mick "Woody" Woodmansey - drums; Matthew Fisher - piano. Source is the master tape, Dansette reel-to-reel recording pro transfer. This does not have the error on 1 track that Suicide Attack has.

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The Stone & Wax version is properly labelled and all the tracks are alternates. Sound quality is excellent, from a crisp near mint copy of the LP that belonged to Dana herself! Mar 1971 - The Complete Arnold Corns Sessions [Thinprince] Radio Luxemburg sessions, alternate mixes and outtakes. Andy Gibb - Live 1986 [no label 1CD] Andy Gibb performed live Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, Feb 25-March 9, 1986.

Bowie produces Arnold Corns David Bowie - Freddi & The Dreamer: The Arnold Corn Sessions [Switch On!

Sept 25, 1971 - Aylesbury 1971 [Savage Jaw 1 CD-R] very good audience.

David Bowie - Aylesbury Friars Club 1971 [Rattlesnake RS193 1CD] live at Aylesbury Friars Club, UK, September 25, 1971. TT: m David Bowie - 1971 Outtakes [no label 1CD mindwarp1063] said to be sourced from EMI masters. Bee Gees - The Complete Storyteller [Drifter 1CD] Radio show? Ex FM Bee Gees - The Bee Gees Sing & Play The Beatles [no label 1CD] Tks 1-4 unidentified performance Ex SBD stereo.

Devil Kwsk Records 1CD mindwarp 1146] sessions from 1971. Bee Gees - Brothers With Others [no label 1CD]compilation of rarites includes their medley at the Brit Awards, Feb 25, 1997. Bee Gees - BBC Radio Theatre, London 2001 FM (no label 1CD dime 529050) live at BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK, March 22, 2001. DATA FILE ONLY Bee Gees - From The Bee Gees Archives [no label 1CD] fan compilation from 1966-1972.

"A very nice disc with songs recorded during the short Arnold Corns era in 1971. Lineup: David Bowie, Mick Ronson - gtrs; Woody Woodmansey - drms; Trevor Bolder - bs and Tom Parker - pno. Bee Gees - Tokyo Night Live [no label 1CD torrent 133561] live in Tokyo, April 10, 1989. Bee Gees - On Stage '91 [Drifter 2CD Torrent: 94718] live at Wembley Stadium, London, England 1991. Bee Gees - Covers And Presents (no label 2CD] Fan compilation of cover versions, 25 tracks. "The sound quality is very good and probably taped with a professional tape recorder. The Bee Gees with Barry Gibb - Guilty Demos [Yellow Cat 1CD] unreleased studio demos for Barbara Streisand and Olivia Newton-John. Some remixes found on the bootleg have been removed from this. Bee Gees - B-Sides and Alternates (no label 2CD] Fan compilation of various rare tracks, 27 tracks, not from the 4CD-box. "Another Bowie fan who uses the pseudonym clarkgwent on Mind-Warp Pavilion claims on 2 September 2007 that "I own the original recording of this and can tell y'all a little bit about it. It was all recorded in 1965 and none of it features Bowie. Barry Gibb - Heartbreaker Demos [Drifter 1CD] Heartbreaker was an album Barry wrote and produced for Dionne Warwicke in 1982. Bowie speaks a lot about his first trip to the USA. Includes Woman In Love, Guilty, The Wishes We Share and more. Bee Gees - The Complete Living Eyes Demos [no label 1CD] Demos for Living Eyes album, 1981.

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