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He told Jenn they could be friends and was moving on, though Jack Devereaux later died.

Daniel began dating Nicole Walker and helped her to keep the truth from EJ that he was her baby’s father, but the child died before she was born.

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Daniel learned that Maggie Horton was his biological mother and was hurt that his parents didn't tell him before they both passed on.

Daniel agreed to give Maggie away at her wedding to Victor Kiriakis.

* Discovered Nicole had lied about having the proof to clear Eric. He was in a car accident on New Year's Eve caused by Eric, and when he was taken off life support a few days later his heart was used to save the life of Brady Black. Daniel Jonas came to Salem March 4, 2008 when Victor Kiriakis called upon his expertise in dealing with Bo Brady's illness (pancreatic failure). Daniel performed a risky pancreatic transplant that saved Bo's life.

* Attacked and tied up by Kristen who wanted another chance with Brady. * Helped daughter Melanie deal with gambling thugs when she returned to Salem. Soon, Daniel realized that Chelsea developed a crush on him, so he tried to stay away from her.

Daniel faced scrutiny from Bo and Victor, especially about the age difference between he and Chelsea, but they dated anyway.

Their relationship ended when Chelsea found out that Daniel and Kate had slept together before they started dating.

When pursued and questioned by Chelsea, Daniel finally revealed that he feared getting close to a patient because he might lose them, just as he lost his wife when she died from cancer.

Chelsea made him see that wouldn't happen with them and Daniel finally gave in to his feelings for Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Daniel began to experience tremors in his hands and feared that he had Myasthenia Gravis like Maggie.

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