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The word refers to women who don’t get married by 27, and are then considered “leftover” or “cast aside,” essentially undesirable.However, this presents a problem for the growing number of Chinese women following their own careers.

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I personally didn’t care for her overly-cutesy language and unsubtle name-dropping even before her age came to light, so I think it was a combination of all three. The word “dowry” might have been a bit more up front.

Two of the fathers on the same episode then spent a great deal of time talking with another male contestant not about his suitability for their respective daughters, but rather how they could join his business and who would be the more beneficial partner for him.

Combined with parents’ claims of how well female contestants would be taken care of, or of the houses offered to male contestants if they would marry and move to the family’s city, the show at times seemed to be facilitating a business transaction.

Material desires aside, this could have been an effort to suss out whether the potential pairing was , or 门当户对.

The show has already received no small amount of negative feedback online, accused of being a “step backwards for Chinese society," with some netizens saying it amounts to arranged marriage with new packaging.

However, as China continues its modernization and old often gives way to new, the show’s apparent support for a more conservative, traditional take on dating gives us some insight into parts of Chinese society that the average expat might not encounter.

It’s emphasis on taking care of your parents and respecting their opinions stems from Confucianism.

Confucius’ contention that a harmonious society is built on a strong family unit with authority flowing along the male line from old to young seems to hold strong today, as the Chinese government features it prominently in their public campaigns to promote social harmony today. After all, what better way to show your filial piety than letting your parents pick your spouse?

A contestant from the first episode was rejected for holding a master’s degree, deemed too high when compared to her potential boyfriend’s level of education, while in the second episode one woman worries in the side room that a male contestant won’t have a higher degree than her, a fear not echoed by any male contestant.

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