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To get these, sign up for a Pub Nub account, it's quick and easy!You can find your unique Pub Nub keys in the Pub Nub Developer Dashboard.

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If she doesn't know something, she will ask to email you once she learns the answer.

Users authenticate with Lola the smart bot by typing login in the chat window.

Presence is used to determine what users in the chatroom are online in realtime.

If a user is online, a green dot is displayed next to their name.

Clicking on a message in the chat room will send a poke to that user, notifying them that you are in the chat room.

Let's walk through the various roles Pub Nub is playing in this Chatting Application...

Join and Leave events are updated in real time as well so when a user logs off, you are notified immediately.

Presence updates the number of users currently in a room, but when you want to see the users currently in the chat, function loads the last 100 messages from the current channel so you know what other users have been talking about when you join.

If needed, Lola that smart bot can be optimized for lower bandwidth requirements to fit your business needs.

For a customized bot for your website community, please contact us here for details.

Obey Me Now Smart Bot technology code name "Lola" Start chatting with Lola and help build her brain cells!

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