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In fact, many parents of fat children are in denial.' Also, fat is catching.

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Right now she's bursting with energy and is as lean as a whippet, but I do worry that she might join the legion of fat teens of the future.

So though keeping slim is not easy for me, I believe it is my job to model healthy self-discipline around food, to shift the pounds when I gain them, choose apples over cakes and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

) Bono, whose vast bulk dwarfs her mother's perennially slim figure, even though Cher is now 63.

And despite Fergie's well-documented struggles with her weight, at 49 she is still slimmer with better legs than her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. It always used to be considered normal for women to be slender in their youth, before succumbing to middle-aged spread.

Yet increasingly, pictures of celebrity mothers with their teenage or adult offspring reveal that this is no longer the case.

Instead, we see toned and willowy 40, 50 and even 60 something women whose offspring are, frankly, podgy.

He also warns that we must not dismiss plump teenagers as having temporary 'puppy fat'.

'Hormones do cause girls to gain weight at puberty, and that's normal, but if they get too fat at that age it is unlikely to disappear.' I have a daughter who is only four.

'We expected an increase, but the waistline has just exploded.' And it's not just our waists that are increasing.

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