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Although more than 90% of these people have been provided accommodations in government-run shelters, their situation remains fluid and unstable.

Among them, women and youth - especially unaccompanied minors - represent particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups.

She only remembers walking for days ‘through the jungle’ – as she describes it – between the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.

“[I’m here] just to keep my children alive and well and to take them to Germany,” she says.

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Serbia was host to some 36,500 of them – a ratio of more than 4 refugees for every 1,000 citizens.

In addition to these empowerment and inclusion workshops, a series of creative events, exhibitions, and outings were developed under this program to help these vulnerable populations better cope with their difficult circumstances – providing creative outlets for participants and boosting their understanding of their current surroundings.

The “Asylum seekers – Waiting for life” exhibition showcased photos and documentary videos of women and children asylum seekers living in Serbia in a new light: presenting them as people who have many more similarities than differences with those around them; whose main wishes are peace, a safe home and a future devoid of fear, persecution, and uncertainty.

This event provided all visitors with an insight into the dramatic lives and emotional testimonies of women and children who have fled war, violence, and poverty.

Success from this project should be replicated and built upon, said a group of participants from the Serbian government, local and international NGOs, and experts from the World Bank at the last project event in June, 2017.

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