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“Amiran Communications Ltd has been the sole distributor of Gamatronic UPS modular products both in Kenya and the wider East Africa since 2008. Amir Grinberg, General Manager, Amiran Communications Ltd.

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Although her plan is to unite her family with her husband there, at present Zahra and her family can go no further.

A decision in March 2016 to end irregular migration from Turkey into the European Union (EU) closed the migration route through the Western Balkans for Zahra and thousands of others like her – making Serbia – the last country before entering the EU - home, at least for now., but many more people remain unregistered and unaccounted for.

Outings to the local theater were also organized for children – giving them an opportunity to relax and play; providing them with a sense of comfort; allowing them to be children again.

During the month of Ramadan in 2016, these asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants engaged in the creative arts, along with community members during the “Belgrade crafts Fair.” Participants used this opportunity to engage in arts and crafts sessions, share experiences, and talk about their lives and dreams.

Zahra is a mother of three from Afghanistan, searching for a new life in Europe.

In early 2016, she set out with her two daughters – aged 17 and 14 – and four year-old son on a courageous journey to Europe, one that she describes as the ‘most horrible experience’ of her life.The company founded in 1970, offers both quality and affordable equipment such…Alexey Gorbov, General Director, NEWTECH, Kazakhstan “After working with Gamatronic for the past 5 years, we can assure that Gamatronic’s UPS systems are extremely reliable and advanced.The “Asylum seekers – Waiting for life” exhibition showcased photos and documentary videos of women and children asylum seekers living in Serbia in a new light: presenting them as people who have many more similarities than differences with those around them; whose main wishes are peace, a safe home and a future devoid of fear, persecution, and uncertainty.This event provided all visitors with an insight into the dramatic lives and emotional testimonies of women and children who have fled war, violence, and poverty.The exhibition narrowed the distance between local citizens and asylum seekers in Serbia and enabled a common human experience to break through stereotypes and misconceptions.

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