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with critical economic and geopolitical importance. IS2 provides Equinix with key capacity and a growth path which enables the company to address growing demand for colocation and interconnection services in About Equinix Equinix, Inc.

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Lazeeza Site for Arab lesbians (English) Lambdaistanbul Lambdaistanbul is an organization that was formed by a group of gays and lesbians, right after the governor of Istanbul banned the Christopher Street Day Sexual Liberation Activities that were attepted to be held in July 1993.

After this, the group that used to gather under the name "Gokkusagi" (Rainbow) took the name Lambdaistanbul.

LGBTQI Belgium çavaria Platform of LGBTQI organisations.

Genres Pluriels Visibility of people with fluid, trans' and intersexed identities.

al Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society (Palestina) Palestinian LGBT organisation.

Bedayaa (Egypt & Sudan) Organisation for LGBTQI of the Nile Valley Area.Bint El Nas Site for0 lesbian, bisexual and transsexual muslim women: articles, links, message board (English/Arabic).Decolonize Queer (International) Gay & Lesbian Arab Society (GLAS) International site for Arab gays and lesbians (English): articles, links, health, dating....Palestinian Queers for BDS (Palestina) Palestinian Queers for BDS (PQBDS) is a group of Palestinian queer activists who came together to promote and stand for the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.Pinkwatching A global web-movement to promote queer-powered calls against Pinkwash and for BDS. The site provides member profiles with picture galleries, private messages, discussion boards (the use of which is restricted to paying customers) and online chat.

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