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Duncan Grant came into contact with Bloomsbury through his cousin, Lytton Strachey.

He soon found himself in kindred company with the artists Vanessa Bell and Roger Fry.

Grant trained to be a painter in Paris, studying for a time under Simon Bussy.

With Roger Fry and Vanessa Bell he became a co-director of the Omega Workshops in 1913.

He was to become an influential art critic in the avant-garde of modern aesthetic theory.

He worked closely with Roger Fry on the organisation of the two Post-Impressionist exhibitions of 19, and in 1914 he published his book in which he coined the term ‘significant form’.

He had a number of affairs, the most enduring being with Mary Hutchinson.

Clive’s personality contributed a worldly note to the bohemian atmosphere of Charleston, where he became a permanent resident in 1939.

Between the wars she was involved in the London Group, the London Artists’ Association and the Euston Road School, and in 1949-50 served on the committee of the Abbey Trust Fund for mural painting.

From childhood intent on being a painter, she completed her artistic training at the Royal Academy Schools where she was taught by John Singer Sargent.

[Duncan Grant and John Maynard Keynes pictured at Charleston above.] Best known as a painter, Vanessa Bell was also a prolific designer of fabrics, carpets and embroidery, and a decorator of ceramics, domestic items and furniture.

In 1905 she founded the Friday Club, dedicated to encouraging and exhibiting the work of young modern painters.

The Columbia International Festival celebrates the diversity, history and heritage of more than 100 cultural groups.

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