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Eastern Catholic Churches have their origins in the Middle East, East Africa, Eastern Europe and India.

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Latin Catholics in the Middle East, on the other hand, are traditionally cared for by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Yonan of the Syriac Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic church based in Damascus, Syria, as seen during a conference about the "extermination of Christians in the Near East" (2015).

The Maronite Church is considered the only one of the Eastern Catholic Churches to have always remained in full communion with the Holy See, while most of the other churches unified from the 16th century onwards.

However, the Melkite Catholic Church and the Italo-Albanian Greek Catholic Church also claim perpetual communion.

It later experienced a period of great expansion in Asia before collapsing after the Mongol invasion of the Middle East in the 14th century. Now they are relatively few in number and have divided into three Churches (the Chaldean Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with Rome, and two Assyrian Churches which are in communion neither with Rome, nor with each other); of these three, the Chaldean Catholic Church is the largest.

The groups of Assyrians who did not reunify with Rome remained and are known as the Assyrian Church of the East, which experienced an internal schism in 1968 which led to the creation of the Ancient Church of the East.

In 451 those who accepted the Council of Chalcedon similarly classified those who rejected it as Monophysite heretics.

The Churches that refused to accept the Council considered instead that it was they who were orthodox; they reject the description Monophysite (meaning only-nature) preferring instead Miaphysite (meaning one-nature).

Canon 112 of the Code of Canon Law uses the phrase 'autonomous ritual Churches' to designate the various Churches." And a writer in a periodical of January 2006 declared: "The Eastern Churches are still mistakenly called 'Eastern-rite' Churches, a reference to their various liturgical histories.

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