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No matter what we do today, about almost anything, there will price fluctuations and civil unrest about something.

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People are not biologically or culturally determined to get in and stay in their cars or even airplanes.

We are thus not determined in anyway to burn up all the remaining fossil fuels. Kennedy: I very much agree that we should be more concerned with speciation than other changes to the environment, which we cannot necessarily know fully.

I might add effects on water systems (although the real end results of this effect as far as humans are concerned is crop sustainability, etc. Further to your point, I increasingly agree with the argument that we don't know from a planning perspective what will result from upcoming scarcity, and civil unrest can come from any number of sources.

Top down imposition may not be the answer to fossil fuel scarcity.

John: I believe many studies are already being conducted.

Many of them currently use projections, rather than documented extinctions, although I imagine by the time we observe extinctions if that is the case, things would have progressed beyond a certain reversible point.

Already we see utilities offer incentives for efficiency to offset capital costs of new generation plants, and other pseudo-private actions along those lines, without a centralized cap-and-trade policy forcing such a decision.

If our public policy should not be intended to benefit a specific (renewable) energy source, should we also remove benefits to other energy sources (tax credits to oil and coal exploration, for example) to allow full price for each to drive consumption decisions?

The conversation concludes with discussions of other concerns of Laughlin's--the outlawing via legislation and taboo of certain forms of knowledge, and the practice of reductionism rather than emergence in the physical sciences.

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