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The one I took membership was called 'friends channel'. The adverts come out on weekends regularly in the Classifieds in the papers like DC, EENADU.The way it works is that you need to give an upfront joining fees to this club (ranges between 1500 to 3000 Rs), they give you phone numbers of females you can contact / or they introduce you to them through some parties (which will cost you extra, and can be avoided). Girls are fair and the rates are also cheap, take them out and have fun.

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Later he showed me couple of babes, Naazia and Salma. These would be better quality charging about 1500-2000.

I put up an act saying the babe was not worth 3k too. If you are in a car, you can also spot some in Autos (3-wheelers).

It worked successfully for me, when I asked for a 400 Rs experience. If you don't know locals with the same interest you have to try several taxidrivers, rishaw drivers, or touts (touts expect commission, lets say 5-10% of the price asked.) Everyone will pretend they know best, so you evaluate your guide after he showed you some places.

As it was at noon he took me through the whole city but eventually found some acceptable place. You can visit the brothels without being pushed to make a decision.

Any more pick up spots are der let us know bhai ... In Hyderabad, SW action is quite high, on the Road#1 Banjara hills from the Care Hospital junction, opposite Taj Krishna to the Vegalrao Park near Nagarjuna circle.

Infact later on since then I call her directly when I want to hump. Off late, more babes can be picked up from Railway stations too who are on rating around 5-6. In my case the places were fixed by the girls themselves (some known place of their friends etc). These kinds of places though not very great, but are cheaper and much safer!

Best is to take the direct phone intro route and talk and fix up with the babes directly.

Negotiate with the club before hand on number of persons they will introduce and frequency etc and profile.

For others who want straightforward SW fun, they can check out road no1 Banjarahills, from 7 pm to 10 pm, bustops opposite Walden, Grand kakatiya, some babes move around in Autos and you can spot them by the way they look.

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