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Ofcourse, all the 'meetings' cost you money and the cost can range from 1500 to 3000 on average and could also be more depending on age, quality, profession and time.

But one common thread so far I observed is that none of them seem to be 'Full-time" on this !!

Later he showed me couple of babes, Naazia and Salma. These would be better quality charging about 1500-2000.

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All the best - have fun and keep others posted on successes either in ISG or WSG forum.

BTW I am sure such clubs are operational in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai as well !

Good pick up near to ulsoor road around 11-12 near and after Kids Kemp, if you are lucky you can bump into Kids kemp and hookup a nice femme too shez got that stuff as well. If you see a babe around all alone, with albiet make up ... These would be pure commercial 'straight-to-the-point' types, and they do seem to have college going girls as well.

loads on Kengeri road towards mysore from Byatarayanpura just have to loop over there. Start from Mekri Circle towards Nandi Betta, look up for places where you have few bus stands n stops. The persons who run these clubs have all kinds of persons on their list and that includes models/ actresses (TV and sidekicks) too.

Usually the girls speak no English but if you keep on asking you may find one sooner or later.

In the budget places in India noone except the pimp is speaking english.

It worked successfully for me, when I asked for a 400 Rs experience. If you don't know locals with the same interest you have to try several taxidrivers, rishaw drivers, or touts (touts expect commission, lets say 5-10% of the price asked.) Everyone will pretend they know best, so you evaluate your guide after he showed you some places.

As it was at noon he took me through the whole city but eventually found some acceptable place. You can visit the brothels without being pushed to make a decision.

If you stand out in ur car near to Taj Krishna or in front of KBR Park in Jubliee hills, you will surely get hit by a pimp for sure. Besides this I had some experience in a massage parlour too, though this is very rare in Hyderabad compared to Mumbai.

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