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The only time you should ever consider selling your tickets as auctions is when the event is less than 2 weeks away and you absolutely to get rid of them.

This is another huge difference between selling tickets on e Bay and Stub Hub.

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There is far less trust in sellers because Craigslist offers no accountability between buyers and sellers, so your tickets end up selling for much less than they could have on e Bay or Stub Hub.

It’s not that I advise against buying on Craigslist, but it should be a last-ditch attempt to unload your tickets, only after e Bay and Stub Hub have failed.

Thanks Barry 203.770.5587 [email protected] Hi Godman, Yes, I am available to answer any questions via email, although I expect most questions to be answered on the site or, especially, in the book. -Brandon Reply I’m thinking of buying 3 tickets for $300 each to the vma’s (video music awards ) for tomorrow night at the Barkley Center in Brooklyn NY for my daughter and her friends .

Thanks Barry 203.770.5587 Reply Thanks for the article, Brandon.

Buying tickets on Stub Hub is a better experience than on e Bay because it’s so much more organized, but as a seller it can be hard to stand out.

Look out for future posts where I’ll explain the best way to make sure your listings stand out on Stub Hub. They’ll eat you up on both sites whether you like it or not, but the lesson here is that e Bay has lower fees than Stub Hub, and by a pretty good margin (about 93% vs. Although e Bay charges a listing fee while Stub Hub doesn’t, this is minimal compared to the Final Value fee that Stub Hub charges.

This difference won’t totally neutralize the difference in fees, but it’ll definitely make selling on Stub Hub a lot easier.

Although shipping tickets on e Bay can be super cheap and reliable, free Fed Ex shipping is a sweet deal.

I asked this person if they could send me a picture of the tickets and they said “I can receipt.

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