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Hi Brandon, I’m considering giving this a try and have been doing my research.Your website already seems to be the best resource online as far as teaching newcomers how to navigate this business.Any suggestions for us to determine if they are real ?

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This also ties into another difference between e Bay and Stub Hub: Receiving money for tickets you sold on e Bay is straightforward: The upside of Stub Hub’s method is that everything is automated.

There is no need to worry about deadbeat buyers or getting paid the right amount of any of that. This is just another way Stub Hub maintains total control over every transaction, which helps to ensure everything will go smoothly.

(Trivia: Stub Hub actually used to offer auction-style listings, but they discontinued it in October 2009.

I heard it was a total mess anyway, so we aren’t missing much.) In practice, though, you should never use e Bay’s auction-style option unless you absolutely have to. What ended up happening is that my tickets would sell for absolute market bottom prices.

Buying tickets on Stub Hub is a better experience than on e Bay because it’s so much more organized, but as a seller it can be hard to stand out.

Look out for future posts where I’ll explain the best way to make sure your listings stand out on Stub Hub. They’ll eat you up on both sites whether you like it or not, but the lesson here is that e Bay has lower fees than Stub Hub, and by a pretty good margin (about 93% vs. Although e Bay charges a listing fee while Stub Hub doesn’t, this is minimal compared to the Final Value fee that Stub Hub charges.If you search for Yankees tickets on e Bay, you would find sellers using all sorts of pretty colors and photos trying to entice you to click on their listing.If you make the same search on Stub Hub, all you’ll see is a plain list of the Yankees upcoming games and dates.I was wondering- did you ever sell tickets on craigslist? Reply Hi Godman, I’ve tried to sell tickets on Craigslist, but those tickets never actually sold.The problem with Craigslist is that you have no way of knowing whether buyers will actually buy.There is far less trust in sellers because Craigslist offers no accountability between buyers and sellers, so your tickets end up selling for much less than they could have on e Bay or Stub Hub.

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