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Lemmons’ fingers are not glued to her faithful IBM, she is mixing home potions to cure her neighbors’ aches and pains.

Blissdating com

Research shows that sex, on a good night, lasts about 10 minutes (my apologies to all the record breakers out there).

If a couple has sex every day, that is a total of 60.83 hours a year devoted to reaching orgasm.

True enough, this island was also once known as the ‘Land of Bliss’ dating back 2,000 years ago. Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is also recognised as the Architect of Modern Langkawi, initiated the move to transform the island into a celebrated beachside and recreational hub.

Tun’s relentless effort and ingenuity gave rise to the creation of the Langkawi Development Authority, known as LADA.

The Brahminy Kite, a species of eagle fondly known as “Lang Merah” in Malay, and “Kawi”, meaning marble in Sanskrit, is also unique to the island.

Another reference states that the name is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Langka” (beauty) and “Wi” (innumerable), which means ‘The Place of Immense Beauty’.

Turn on any TV and you are blasted with advertisements offering you bottomless bliss in easy payment installments. Sadly, however, many young adults are experts at giving blow jobs or getting their partner to reach orgasm in five minutes or less, but lousy at keeping their relationships viable. Sex education teaches sexually maturing adolescents to focus on the gritty stuff surrounding relationships: unwanted pregnancies, teenage parenting, STDs, and, of course, reaching orgasm.

Our government promises happiness through legal decrees. Dating services have the formula for “happily ever after.” Even jobs offer happy hours. For many people it is an elusive experience, slippery at best. And typically, where there is politics there is corruption. Having sex early on in the dating ritual may have something to do with why Prince Charmings turn into cold-blooded toads and beautiful princesses transform into evil witches. But relationships are so much more than unwanted fetuses and bacterial infections.

Right when you think you have achieved it, it slips out of view. Rarely do people associate happiness with politics. It is a hard pill to swallow when you have put in the effort with someone you thought was Mr. In our culture of romance and dating, we place too much emphasis on SEX: when to do it, how often to do it, where to do it, what to wear when we do it . Tabloids follow with their explicit dialogue geared at keeping readers “comin’ back for more.” And we cannot forget about the relationship expert we call Hollywood.

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