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I tried this: Raise Event Binding Navigator Add New Item There are many ways to learn to code these days. 1st) I cannot find this sub: Private Sub btn Add_Click(By Val sender As System. Then to trigger it, you'll just need to place the following line in which ever routine you want to call it from (most likely in the Form Load routine)... That is why I asked earlier VB hides the Navigator's code. When you run in debug and hit the line press Ctrl Alt C and a Call-Stack window will open.

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I hope I am wrong and there is a way to solve the problem. Add a Data Grid View and a Binding Navigator to a Form2. The Data Source of the Binding Source is a Data Table that contains at least 1 column where Allow DBNull = false4. Press the Add New Item Button in the Binding Navigator6.

Press the Add New Item Button in the Binding Navigator7.

One of the most common scenarios in application development is to display data on a form in a Windows application, edit the data, and send the updated data back to the database.

This walkthrough creates a simple form that displays data from a single table in individual controls.

This procedure modifies the code to include error handling by wrapping the update call in a try-catch block.

You can modify the code to suit the needs of your application.

Hi, In essence I have a form with empty textboxes with must be filled by a user and upon clicking a save button, the data is saved to a database. If I can't get this to work, I need to get the code to connect a SQLEXPRESS Database and save the textboxes to the db using code. m_Click" I just couldn't remember what the wizard calls it when you build it by dragging the datasource onto the form as you did.

I could not succeed in connecting to the database and setting up adapters etc, manually, so I dragged a Data Grid View to the form (from the Data Sources Pane). I deleted all items from the Binding Navigator except for the 'Add' button and the 'Save' button. I have an "Import..." button in which the data must be Updated (save) to the DB. So go there and just add the handler to the sub so it reads " ...

Any additional tables added to a form require the manual addition of any code required to save data.

For information on saving data from more than one table, see button is added to the form's code to send updates to the database.

Depending on your application requirements, there are several steps you may want to perform after creating a data-bound form in your Windows application.

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