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Large fish swim in the shallow waters and under man-made platforms that lead to the back of the cistern and the upside down heads of Medusa.

The Galata tower stands proudly on the Istanbul skyline and gives up an extensive panoramic view over some of the best tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Its current use as a museum is very different from its roles in history as a fire spotting tower and dungeon.

They stand facing each other with an average distance of 200 metres between them.

Although the Hagia Sophia has lost its primary function as a place of worship, the Blue Mosque is the largest functioning mosque in Turkey.

Exiled royalty from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were sent to the Princes Islands.

Lying in the sea of the Marmara, off the coastline off Istanbul, they are nine islands, which become a hive of activity in summer.

The sprawling mass of crowded streets and tight corners means it is inevitable that first time visitors will get lost.

Daily, vocal shopkeepers ply for the attention of 250,000 visitors, and only take a day off on Sunday.

Built in 360 as an orthodox church, the Hagia Sophia was converted to a mosque in 1453, then into a museum in 1935.

Large Islamic engravings adorned the top of tall stone columns while copious amounts of natural light stream through 40 windows.

Also on display is Muhammad’s cloak and sword, the most important relics of the Islamic world.

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