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But those of us who had the privilege of ‘passing through’ went on from there with an indelible sense that preaching and praying go together. The precious group of 50 or 60 people who met week by week at the Saturday night prayer meeting spend most of the two hours praying for the proclamation of the gospel elsewhere—in other churches in our city, in Scotland, and on every continent around the world, one by one.

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And I have never been part of a church family where prayer was so obviously the heartbeat of everything that went on.

And I have never been part of a church family where God was so obviously present week by week as he spoke through his word.

The Letter to the Ephesians says that this union is a symbol of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Do Catholics ever validly enter into non-sacramental marriages? Marriages between Catholics and non-Christians, while they may still be valid in the eyes of the Church, are non-sacramental.

Gilcomston South Church of Scotland in Aberdeen wasn’t a huge church. We met twice on a Sunday, had a midweek central Bible study and a Saturday night prayer meeting—and that was it.

There was an organ, and we sang five hymns or psalms (often to Germanic minor tunes).Life needs time for reflection and business easily puts a grinding halt to that. And so, as I was sitting with this text preached by our dear pastor in my heart and on my mind in the course of the week, I happened to lay my hand on a book by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell, entitled “Saving Eutychus: How to preach God’s word and keep people awake”.“From 1988-1991 (when I was a theological student), I was part of a remarkable church family.If a Catholic wishes to marry in a place outside the Catholic church, how can he or she be sure that the marriage is recognized by the Catholic Church as valid?The local bishop can permit a wedding in another church, or in another suitable place, for a sufficient reason.The purpose of this series is to help our growing community to focus on the essentials of church life.

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