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This backdating, while profitable, is illegal because options aren't meant to be a guarantee of profits but an incentive to work hard to improve the company and, hence, its stock price.

Backdating is cheating, making it look like stock options were granted in the past by changing the date.

It should be noted that all indices are somewhat arbitrary and are more useful as indicators of relative and historical growth rather than a raw number.

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Since the stock had gone up since then (i.e., the stock is no longer at the low point), this backdating automatically guaranteed these employees made money.

In other words, say that the company stock is trading around today and has been at that level for a while, but a year ago it dropped--just for a day--to before rising back to the next day.

But, if the stock goes up to , then you get a good deal when you exercise your options: you get to buy those same shares at a discount, for /share.

In the stock options backdating scandal, companies looked at their stocks' historical prices, found the low point, and granted options based on that date.

Understanding how stock market indices are calculated and their history can be very instrumental in understanding the stock market as a whole.

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