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Pictured: An example of one of the suites Paddock, a retired 64-year-old millionaire, wounded over 500 people when he rained a hail of bullets on crowds enjoying the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on October 1.

Pictured: The room he used as a sniper's nest The order to maintain evidence in the suite - number 32-135 - was sought by attorneys representing Rachel Sheppard, a woman from California who was shot three times in the chest but survived Paddock's massacre.

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Back book sexy video chat room

Love - looks like this cute motel thief broke into the wrong room, tied up in lots of rope, heavily cleave gagged, then vetwrapped and left waiting for the long night ahead... 02/21/18 An extra mid-week update with some casual snapshots of Sandra trying out the bondage gear at Kurt's place: put in the stocks, leaning over and showing off her butt, and stuck in the time-out box in the back garage - utterly inescapable! 02/16/18 Delilah returns in her petticoats and Red Riding Hood outfit, strictly tied in hemp rope with her elbows cinched, ring gagged, ball gagged, vetwrap gagged, and finally left in a time out facing the wall... 02/13/18 New Video Clip: Sandra in her new polka dot dress, gagged by Tim Woodman and helplessly struggling on the floor, then tied off to a wooden chair, OTM gagged, and left slowly trying to undo the knots... 12/11/17 New Video Clip: Sandra hooded and helpless by Michael Keye, dressed in her bow neck blouse and pencil skirt, laced up and restrained as an objectified bondage slave, waiting for her release if it ever comes... 12/08/17 Classy lady Sandra returns in her bow neck blouse and zippered skirt - she ends up panel gagged, laced into the bondage gloves and seriously hooded and hogtied by Michael Keye, no escape possible! 12/04/17 New Video Clip: Cute Allison Li finds herself in trouble again, dressed in her leggings and flirty skirt, all taped up with her mouth stuffed and sealed, she realizes she's about to be transported to the mountains if the demands aren't met soon... 12/01/17 Allison Li returns in her cute top and leggings, just back from a day out shopping when she finds herself in more trouble, tightly duct taped, her mouth stuffed and sealed up, then pantyhose hooded as she waits and wonders if the ransom is going to be paid... 11/27/17 New Video Clip: Paige Andrews chairtied and posture collared and about to be microfoam tape gagged with panties shoved in her mouth, looks like it's going to be a long night for a reluctant bondage model... 11/24/17 Paige Andrews returns in her classy white dress, dark hair and sexy platform heels; her long weekend continues and she makes the best of it uncomfortably chair tied, posture collared and microfoam tape gagged for the night ahead... 11/20/17 New Video Clip: Ninja Spy Kaitlynn was just going to break into the dungeon to retrieve that USB drive but found herself face to face with the owner, Sandra - wrestled to the ground, tied, cleave gagged with panties, hogtied and tormented with the Hitachi... 11/17/17 Looks like Ninja Spy Kaitlynn Nguyen needs a little more training! just wanted to have some sexy bondage play but learned she was being set up, tied in her sparkly dress, leather strap gagged, then onscreen gagged with panties, vetwrap and tape, and finally hogtied and blindfolded... 04/11/17 New Video Clip: Sandra in her classy beige dress bound and ballgagged by Tim Woodman, then surprised with a pantyhose hood while secured and stuck in the closet for a very long weekend... 04/07/17 Sandra just wanted to enjoy a nice bondage session but after finding herself completely bound and gagged she learned that her binder Tim Woodman was actually hired by her wife to collect "evidence." Uh oh, maybe not such a good idea after all 42 pictures Tues. returns in her skimpy black vinyl outfit, meeting a client at the motel she tried to look through his wallet but found herself instead tied up in the closet and then left bound and ball gagged on the bed... 03/14/17 New Video Clip: Dani Doll held captive in her tight black mermaid dress, first ball gagged then cleave gagged with panties in her mouth, held for the amusement of that creepy guy and finally left hogtied and pantyhose hooded... 03/10/17 Dani Doll returns in her flouncy mermaid dress, she just wanted to do some modeling then noticed the mattress on the floor, tied in lots of white rope with a big ballgag, then later cleave gagged and pantyhose hooded... 03/07/17 New Video Clip: Red Maid Sandra in lots of rope, panel gagged with panties shoved into her mouth by the mysterious Mistress, then struggling while standing and finally hogtied on the hard kitchen floor () Fri. returns in her crop top and pleated skirt, bad things seem to keep happening in motel rooms as she finds herself in a fix for looking so cute, tied, tape gagged and finally lashed off to the bathroom door... 01/10/17 New Video Clip: Feisty ice skater Kyra Pixie in trouble, tied, pvc tape gagged, then wide layers of duct tape over that and forced to endure the Hitachi, struggling furiously to no avail... 01/06/17 Ice skater Kyra Pixie never should have gone to that motel room, tied up and tape gagged in matching blue tape, then duct tape added over that making her cheeks bulge, pissed off and helpless..Hitachi'ed 49 pictures Tues.

Tied up and blackmailed by Tim Woodman, pro villain, tied in white rope, cleave gagged and struggling on the floor, then lashed off to a wooden chair with an OTM gag added for extra silencing... 02/05/18 New Video Clip: Jessica Chen in her cute blue dress and crotchless pantyhose, hogtied and ball gagged in her cheap hotel room, helpless and thrusting while she struggles, then left with the Hitachi tied on her lap and slowly purring away... Three different outfits, all innocent, with numerous ties and gags, strapped, bound, ball gagged, spider gagged, single gloved, posture collared, some microfoam tape, and Hitachi'ed 69 pictures Mon. returns showing off her bling in her sparkly silver dress, tied up and first gagged with a leather strap gag, then stuffed and sealed with vetwrap, then black pvc tape over that and left hogtied and blindfolded... 06/13/17 New Video Clip: Shana realized her trip to L. maybe wasn't such a good idea after all - tied up in her blue slip, tight microfoam tape sealing up her panty-stuffed mouth, and finally hogtied and left helpless with her eyes taped up too... 05/12/17 Cute TS Miki Lee "persuaded" to return for more, tied standing in the jail cell in her white top and cute flared skirt, then cleave gagged and forced to endure the Hitachi whether she wants to or not... 05/09/17 New Video Clip: Dani Doll first leather strap gagged, then cleave gagged with panties shoved in her mouth, and finally semi-clear tape added over that and spread out helpless on her back with her legs spread... 05/05/17 Dani Doll in her red dress and leather corset, first leather strap gagged, then her mouth stuffed and cleave gagged, and finally laid out in bed with her legs spread wide and tied off to the frame... 05/01/17 New Video Clip: Just because Sandra's taped up doesn't mean she can't struggle from room to room - all taped up with floortape, taunted and doused with wine by Tim Woodman, then finally left in the bathtub... 04/28/17 Classy lady Sandra in her black cocktail dress surprised and taped up by Tim Woodman, her mouth stuffed and sealed, then restrained in extra-sticky floortape, she tries to scurry away and ends up doused with a bottle of wine over her head... 04/24/17 New Video Clip: Monique gets a massage from Sandra who suggests some special techniques to heighten the experience, all strapped up, panel gagged, pantyhose hooded, blindfolded and Hitachi'ed... 04/21/17 Monique returns in her sexy off-the-shoulder dress; things had been stressful lately and she just wanted a nice massage from Sandra but ended up strapped up, panel gagged and finally pantyhose hooded and blindfolded... 04/14/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns in her tight white top, stockings and flared skirt, bound, collared and ball gagged, she just keeps showing off her panties while helpless with a tight crotchrope 65 pictures Tues.

01/29/18 New Video Clip: TS Bella Hart shows up at another anonymous motel, "Sure, we could try out some bondage," tied up with her elbows pulled back, ring gagged and drooling on herself, then lashed off to a chair and pantyhose hooded for a long night ahead... 01/26/18 Introducing Bella Hart in her sexy pale pink dress; she finds herself in a bit of bind with a stranger in yet another motel - tied up with her elbows pulled back, ring gagged and finally chairtied and pantyhose hooded, wondering just how long she'll be restrained... Gibbons to help her learn to be more submissive, securely tied up, leather strap gagged, paddled, panel gagged, pantyhose hooded and blindfolded as she's prepared for transport... 12/28/17 Kiora returns in her plaid skirt, smart jacket, and long thigh-high hose, getting some special attention after hours, strictly tied up to teach her to be more submissive, her mouth stuffed, leather strap gagged, hogtied and spanked... 12/24/17 New Video Clip: Kera Valentina feeling so horny in her motel room that she posts the room number online for all to see, handcuffed, felt up by creepy Otto Devoid, cleave gagged, hogtied, chairtied, OTM gagged, pantyhose hooded and Hitachi'ed, a true slut... 12/22/17 Motel slut Kera Valentina returns getting herself into more trouble, she lists her room number online, unlocks the door and handcuffs herself, only a matter of time till she's bound, cleave gagged, OTM gagged, pantyhose hooded and Hitachi'ed 53 pictures Weds. Classy lady at home ends up tightly bound in hemp rope with a tight cleave gag and panties filling her mouth, then an OTM gag added for extra muffling, standing and completely helpless... 05/30/17 New Video Clip: Pink latex maid Nikki Gurl with Sandra, first ring gagged and told how she'll be used later on, then degraded, purring and drooling while being Hitachi'ed, and finally ball gagged and left humping the ottoman () Fri.

in her sexy navy blue uniform, admiring herself in the mirror, then ring gagged with her wrists bound, turning and showing off her figure for the creepy guy who paid her for a hotel visit... Tied up in her cute polka dots, cleave gagged with her mouth stuffed, struggling on the floor, then secured to the closet door with plastic wrap and clear tape added to muffle her even more... 12/31/2017 New Video Clip: Kiora has a private meeting with Mrs.

45 pictures Friday 01/01/2016 Vivian Chen in her peplum blouse and tight red skirt, hands taped, cuffed and strapped up, duct tape gagged, then layered with a panty hood and black electrical tape, helpless and objectified...

The hotel room mass murderer Stephen Paddock used to slaughter 58 people in Las Vegas will be locked up indefinitely.

It does help that the recent developments in my live have been especially fun and fulfilling.

Even if the updates are few and far between, the archives are here for others to enjoy.

returns in her crop top and tight hip-hugging skirt, first tied up and left in the hotel closet for several hours, then hogtied and abandoned on the bed...

52 pictures Friday 01/08/16 Professional lady JJ still tied up and teased hours after she asked about deleting her old pictures, tied in black lingerie, her lips sealed with tape, then lashed to the bed and finally her head wrapped in red plastic...

Pictured: The carnage Paddock caused on October 1 Speaking to the Las Vegas Sun, MGM explained: 'This was a terrible tragedy perpetrated by an evil man.'We have no intention of renting that room.'The order to maintain evidence in the suite - number 32-135 - was sought by attorneys representing Rachel Sheppard, a woman from California who was shot three times in the chest but survived Paddock's massacre.

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